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Sara Rota puts the world of High quality textile decoration within your reach by means of exclusive and unique Children's collections, entirely designed in our headquarters in Barcelona. Our designs will create an ideal atmosphere for your baby full of smoothness, tenderness and elegance.

A fresh new  concept of children’s decoration full of colour, design and high quality fabrics is born

The brand Sara Rota arises from the confluence of two worlds: Decoration and Colour Psychology, giving special importance to the feelings and emotions transmitted by colours and their combination to create a warm and original atmosphere where the baby feels happy and comfortable.

White: It is the colour of innocence par excellence, purity, optimism and perfection.

Black: The colour of elegance, silence and power.

Yellow: It represents joy, happiness, intelligence and energy. It is a colour that stimulates mental activity and gives a sense of warmth.

Pink: It transmits tenderness, femininity, love and friendship.

Blue: The colour of the sky and the sea. It represents loyalty, confidence, wisdom and intelligence. It produces a relaxing effect since it is strongly tied to tranquillity and calmness.

Red: Warm colour associated with energy, strength, to courage, determination and passion.

Grey: Grey symbolizes naturalness

Orange: It represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity and it is associated with the stimulation of mental activity.

Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow.

Create the most pleasing environment for the most important room of the house.

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